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In the world of business "Time is money". At Island Air we know that the time of an entrepreneur or a high-level corporate executive is transformed into money and time is precisely what is saved by being able to hold more than one meeting in a single city unlike when traveling on commercial airlines.

In a chartered flight or a Private Jet, (or Air Taxi), an entrepreneur or executive can hold several meetings on the same day in different cities. During the flight time between one destination and the next you can prepare the work material for your next meeting and even have a board meeting on board.



The departure and return times are programmed according to the exclusive needs of the client with the possibility of extending the stay more time.

One of the great attractions of hiring executive flights is being able to access airports not attainable by commercial aircrafts, that there are no unnecessary stays, there are no delays, the dispatch is made from terminals exclusive to private aviation, there is no possibility of losing luggage, waiting times on international flights for Immigration, Customs and Security reviews are reduced to minutes.

Take into account the elements above when making the decision to hire executive flights with our company.

We can also transport non-contagious or seriously injured patients who are accompanied by specialized medical personnel who are responsible for their care. Island Air is not an air ambulance service but can provide transportation services when the sick passenger can sit and move on his own.

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